Think Big – Stay Small & Move Fast

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Giving up way to early is too easy.

People have big dreams but unfortunately, they never do anything about them and those who do something about them end up giving up way too early before they see the fruits of their hard labor. There is nothing to stop us copying or as Tony Robbins would say modeling a successful person. Think Big, Stay small and Move Fast, what does all this mean you might be thinking?. Your dreams are they big enough so that they scare you or are they small enough for you not to want to inspire you to take big enough actions.  When you have really big dreams, dream that are larger than life then we are forced to take larger than life actions because we can see the bigger opportunities ahead of us.

Staying Small, this is something worth looking into until you have tested the market fully I would stay small until you have tested and retested till you have the best business model and have a fine tuned strategy you continue testing.

Once you have your Think Big idea and have managed to Stay Small during your testing stages of your business model and the ideal strategy to market, you then have to move fast like lightening before someone else grabs the opportunity you have spotted to fill the market gap.

Once you start to grow, your next focus should be finding “A” team players to build your management team around you. “A” team players are generals who have been to war and have proven strategies that worked in the real world and made money. The team of people around you need to be experts in their own field and need to know more than you in order for your business to succeed.

So start Thinking Big, Stay Small and Move fast when you have done the first two things. Remember the only difference between you and someone you envy is you settled for less until now. So never settle for less.


Moe Nawaz
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