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Opportunity comes to everyone, no matter who you are or how old you are but it depends on you whether you take it or not. Learn to take calculated risks and play hard because at the end you’d be thankful for your struggle.

As business owners and entrepreneurs we takes risks every day so pay off and some don’t and some even set us back but the most important thing is, have we learned anything in the process if the risk did not pay off or do we just abandon the projects that did not produce results as expected or do we evaluate and reapply once more until we get it right?

Most would rather walk away not knowing how close they were to the motherload if only… But we do what we do because the way we feel at that moment rather than stand back and re-evaluate in a couple of day with fresh insights from people who were not part of the original team and see what they see that you might have overlooked.

Never abandon anything totally until you have explored all your options as I have seen people ready to walk away when in fact they were almost on the doorsteps of achieving their motherload.


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