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Most people don’t have goals and wonder why they have ended up in a dead end every year and can’t see a way out, so they accept life for what it is rather than trying to find the answers and solutions.

Then a large number of the others who have goals also end up down the dead end and why do you think that is? Well, I will tell you why, because they don’t take fricking action on their goals. Just by having a goal does not mean it will work on its own, you have to make that goal come true by taking action every day, rain or shine, money or no money you will want to do it in order to achieve it. And not to give up at the first obstacle you on the road to your goal.

Yes, people will set goals for 2017 but by mid-Jan or early Feb most would have given up without even trying long enough to see the viability and seeing their goals come to reality.

So why do you have goals? and what have you learned in 2016 that you will capitalize on for 2017 to make sure you can cash in on your experience and knowledge?

Successful people not only have goals but they create systems and processes to make sure they can achieve them goals and to make sure they have the necessary skills and people around them who can also make it happen by sharing their vision.

Your daily habits that will get you closer to your goals are very, very, very important in achieving your goals, so if you have any bad habits start replacing them with better habits that will get you closer to your goals each day.

Moe Nawaz: Mentor & strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders
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