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Stop bitching and get on with it.

Whiners, moaners, bitchers, not my fault walas, no one care about me walas, poor old me walas, FFS grow up and take control of your life, until you do decide to take back control you will always be a loser.

I know I am being hard for a Monday morning, but some people need a reality check or a good kick up their friggin ass to say stop blaming the world and everyone in it for your own shortcomings.
So how do you take control of your life then you might be wondering, and a very good question too. First of all every time you don’t take responsibility of YOUR actions you are giving your power and control; of your life to someone else, every time you shift the blame, you lose more power by giving it away, hence you will never empower yourself until you say, the buck stops with me and me only. then you decide how you deal with what is your problem not some one else’s and the best part of it is you get to keep the power and take back control of your life and yourself.

Some might disagree and come up with more B.S. and say things like, Moe you don’t understand, every frigging idiot has shit one poor old me and that no one cares or understand what I am going through or have been through. Well go buy a medal and pin it on yourself and see if that makes you feel better.

You can turn to 100’s of people for help and you will always feel each one let you down, yet YES they will have given up on you because you keep on beating your drums saying its not my fault and it is everyone else. No one has time for losers nor does anyone wants to be associated with any losers.

So get a hold of yourself and start taking action my taking charge and start being responsible for your actions.

I learned from many years ago from the late Jim Rohn, if nothing is changing around you then YOU need to change and you will see everything and everyone around you will change.

Sorry if I come across as being a bit hard about but pussy footing around these subjects never helps anyone.

Moe Nawaz: Mentor & Strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders.


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