Learn To Accept Change.

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It is only human nature to resist change as change normally involves pain of some sort, but in reality the pain that you are suffering is far greater than the pain of change. Because you have become immune to your current pain, you see it more of a comfort zone, even though it is very uncomfortable in many ways than one.

The main reason you are resisting change is what you might loose which is a very backward way of looking at life. Your focus should be on what you can gain by moving forward because your future is ahead of you and what you stand to make and gain is ahead of you and not already in your hands.

I want you to get two sheets of paper and write on top of each sheet a heading, one with Future and the other with Current. Now draw a vertical line on each sheet, with Advantage and Disadvantage on each column. Now start writing until you can see the whole plan in details and then, only then make your own mind up if it is better protecting what you have or protecting your future and moving out of your so called comfort zone.

Moe Nawaz: Mentor & strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders

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