Join Me At The Houses Of Parliaments

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Join me at the House Of Lords this year with our Mastermind Groups in London.Success is a journey or is it?

Anyone in the Business Mastery 101 group interested in joining me and 30 other die hard entrepreneurs in growing their business in October at The HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT for a full day where I will create so much value for you and your business but there is a downside and that is you have to be already doing over £100, 000 in sales to qualify access to this event.

If I don’t invite the group members I would not be serving you, that is why I have created the live monthly meet ups for startups and new businesses for a mere £20 to come and learn by sharing ideas and to listen to great speakers each month.

This is not a sales pitch or anything like that it is just to answer some of the questions I was asked last night by attendees at the live Business Mastery 101 event. If I don’t give you this opportunities then you will never know and you will say Moe why did not tell us about this event.

Anyway, you have worked it out by now that I am all about creating value for you and investing in your future that came through very clearly last night in the event and I hope and pray it comes through in this Facebook “Business Mastery 101” group also to all the members.

Moe Nawaz: Mentor & Strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders.


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