Is Your WHY Bigger Than Your WHY Not?

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Your why should be bigger than your why not1) You have to have a business with sales of £100,000 plus

2) You must have something to bring to the table to share ideas with other members

3) You must know what it is you are looking for in return for yourself and your business

4) You must be prepared to have your membership refused

5) You must convince each & every member of your commitment to growing your business

6) You must be prepared to commit for 12 months minimum

7) You must turn up every month behind closed doors & share ideas and be prepared to learn from other members

8) You must prove every 3 months that you are achieving 10 X your investment in yourself and your business or face being booted out of the group

9) You must introduce a new member every six months or face beeing booted out from the group

10) You must be prepared to have fun and take more time off from your business each month

Do you have what takes to become a member of Europe’s leading Mastermind Of Entrepreneurs Group to succeed in business?

Do you have enough courage and guts to apply for an application and know that your application could be refused as is the case in 37% of the cases?

Still interested? let’s talk

Moe Nawaz: Mentor & strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders


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