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Is your business, your success?But if you want it to grow and succeed you have to make it your customers business. By that I mean you need to focus on marketing to your ideal customers all the time and constantly looking at ways to create more value each time, so once you get a customer they will want to stay with you for life because of the value you create for them.

But if you are targeting the wrong customers then no matter how much value you create for them they will always go find another deal. This is the reason why I am constantly harking on about understanding who your ideal customers are in the first place.

So your business is not your business if you are customer focused.
What are you doing that sets you apart from everyone else in your marketplace so people see you for the value you or your product / service that you provide for your customers. Take Zappos the online shoe store, they look after their customers so much that they don’t need to advertise because all their customers are always talking about them on how good a service they get from Zappos. Don’t take my word for it go take a look on twitter and see how many people are talking about Zappos and how pleased the customers are with the service they provide.

Zappos sell at full price to their ideal targeted customers who in turn bring in more ideal customers for them because of the reputation they have built up over the years. Tony Hsieh the founder of Zappos sold his business to Amazon after 10 years for $1.2 billion and Tony is still the CEO running Zappos, you should go get his book called ” Delivering Happiness” fantastic book worth reading or listening on audio.

Do you still think your business is your business or not?

Moe Nawaz


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