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How to change any habit

We all have habits, good and bad but they are habits regardless what else you might call them. If you are stuck with a bad habit which you have been trying to get rid off or get out off then you need to find another habit that you are prepared to replace it with.

You can do just about anything if you are prepared to break it down into habits followed by action. I am not saying it’s going to be easy, just that it is possible. The key hereĀ is, to be honest with yourself about what’s stopping you from achieving success, part of this is taking responsibility for your actions by creating new habits to replacing an old habit that is no longer required.

Habits of not doing anything is a very bad habit, I normally find the busiest people in the world are the people doing nothing. Just ask an unemployed person to do something for you and they will say I am busy so some excuse.

Moe Nawaz

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