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Believing in yourselfYou create the results in your life that you believe you deserve. Most of us believe but do nothing about it because of fear of “what if” yes shit will happen, so what.

Everything in life is a risk if you stop to think about it. When you get in your care, you are at risk of someone crashing into your car. You are at risk when you cross the road, life is full of risks if we stopped and thought about it but we don’t.

So why should business be any different? The only risk you have is not taking action, just tell your fear that if you continue to do nothing then the fear will have something to fear about. Challenge your fear and ask it for proof?

I play golf and screw up more shots than I care to think about, but when I am about to hit a shot and the chatter in my mind is telling me I will screw up with the shot, I ask the inner chatter for proof. If the proof is well you screwed up your last two shots then I insist on proof that my next shot will also be screwed up? The inner chatter can provide that proof so the voices go away.

If you don’t believe in yourself who do you expect to believe in you? Your inner chatter?,

Just remember you are in charge not the voices in your head.

Moe Nawaz
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