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ARE YOU LIVING A LIFE OR A LIE because in real life happiness is not a goal.

Happiness is not a goal

Yes, we are alive but are we living for a reason or just existing because we don’t know why in case you did not know “Happiness is not a goal”. The majority of us are alive to earn a living trying to improve our lives and to try and build a better future for ourselves in the world we live in. Some of us who are very fortunate to live in countries where we have so many opportunities to improve our lives but do little or nothing to grasp the opportunities presented to us.

Yet when we see someone from another country, someone who has been so used to living on a fraction of the income we earn take our jobs, jobs we don’t normally like doing, we complain. This post is nothing to do with immigration or refugees by the way so carry on reading.

So why is it that more immigrant becomes successful in another country where the standard of living is much higher?. I will tell you why because they have seen hunger and they have seen real poverty with zero opportunities from where they have come from, but happiness has never been their goal, because they were happy with they had next to nothing.

When they arrive in the land of opportunities they can’t believe their luck how easy it is to start a business and all the support infrastructure around to make sure you succeed. I personally have seen such businesses start off from car cleaning from a local supermarket car park then sold the business 12 months later and start a small building company with friends to building new apartments by year three, the same guy who was washing cars in the cold weather three years ago.

You and I both see so many opportunities and we are dazzled with too many choices and because of that, we end up being Jacks of all trades and masters of nothing. We don’t have the same hunger or the clear focus and dedication to make it because we can always fall back on just surviving. We have become so used to just surviving that we need a REALLY big enough WHY to take action and get the bloody hell out of our rut, that we have allowed ourselves in.

How much does pride play a part in ourselves being where we are, if we can learn to put our pride aside and get the real help and support we really need to get out of the rut we are in, we can definitely do it 100%. But pride and sometimes self-esteem play the biggest role in not being able to make that big move.

Look there are people in this Facebook Group who are far better qualified to help and support you through these difficult times than me, but for God sake reach out and get the hell out of the place you have built as a comfort zone which we both know is not really so comfortable by any imagination, not even by an immigrant.

I see many opportunities for people but most of the times people need guidance and maybe a little hand holding till they have built their confidence to start that journey heading into the real future which is much brighter than the current one we are living.

The future is bright and it is ahead of you and not behind you, so reach out for the support and start living the life you know you are capable of living without wasting any more time.

Moe Nawaz
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