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You might think it is a silly question to ask but what if I told you most people including professional people don’t have a plan of what they want in life.

Let me give you an example: A very good friend of mine who is a director at a university and he has been with the university for just over 16 years. We were having a coffee one day at the university when one of his staff came over for him to sign some documents. After the guy had gone my friend said that the other staff don’t like this guy because he has fast-tracked everyone else who has been at the university for years, in the 4 years this guy has been at the university he has made it to a professor.

I was amazed to hear my friend talk like this as many a times I asked him about his vision and plan for the next five or ten years and he had nothing that was clear with set goals. About 45 minutes later the professor returned to get some more papers signed and this time I interrupted the professor by congratulating him on his new position and his position in the university. I also asked him “when you came to this university did you have a plan or any sort of goal of what you wanted once you had gotten a job as a lecturer?” he replied, ” I had given myself five years to focus on getting my professorship regardless of whatever I had to do”.

That is the difference between someone who knows what they want to achieve their goals and the rest of the moaners and bitchers who are good at talking about it but taking no action to make sure it happens. Yes you will upset a few people along the line if you decide to go after your goals, so bloody what, let them moan as you will be far ahead to hear or see them by sticking to your plan.

How clear are you about what you want in life and what are you prepared to give up to get it?

Moe Nawaz
#BusinessMentor #MastermindGroupHow to get what you want out of life.


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