How To Gain Knowledge And Experience In Anything

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Why most people with so much information or knowledge are working for less than the minimum wages including people with their own businesses.

One of the main reasons is people take information in its rawest form and then try and apply it without understanding and trying to turn it into knowledge first, so they end up failing and they give up.
We have to be prepared to go and find the information we need then turn that information into knowledge and then by applying it in a practical manner we get to gain experience good or bad experience which in turn gives us results positive or negative but nevertheless a result. It’s what we do with the results that depends on how much we earn.

Most that end up with a negative result will just move on and see it as failure when the wise will go back to the drawing board and re examine the information, the knowledge and create a new experience based on what they learned in the previous version in order to improve results, until you perfect it in a way that meets yours or your customers needs and wants.

This is not to say you can’t earn money with just experience or just knowledge but if you really want to earn much more you need to understand why and how in order to optimise your maximum earning potentials.

Turn the INFORMATION into KNOWLEDGE first which will help you understand the information so you can apply it and by applying it will create an EXPERIENCE which in turn will give you your RESULTS.

Moe Nawaz


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