Feeding Millions Project

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Pleasure to serve the underservedWhich is supporting in Birmingham. #HomelessHeroes feeds about 200 to 300 homeless people on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings in Birmingham City Centre.

You are more than welcome to support the cause, I am normally there on Fridays and Sunday but Javed Iqbal and Tariq the two founders of #HomelessHeroes are there rain or shine 3 days a week along with other grateful volunteers who help out including our very own Chris Haycock who helps out and brings sleeping bags for the Homeless.

My whole point of highlighting this is you can be anywhere in the world and you can do your bit by buying a couple of sandwiches at lunch time or on your way home and help feed any Homeless person on your way home once a week at least.

The way I see it, tomorrow that could be me or a member of my family, do do your bit to help and serve others who are less fortunate than you and me.

Sorry for ranting on but I feel i need to get these point across every now and then. Nick Carlile is another great person doing his bit helping Homeless people up north.

Let’s all try and make a difference, one meal at a time.

Moe Nawaz
#FeedingMillions #FeedingHomeless #HomelessHeroes


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