After every major breakdown, come a major breakthrough.

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After every breakdown, comes a breakthrough.From what I have seen and experienced with clients, the people who have hit rock bottom at some stage in their life once or even a few times should be aware that right after your biggest breakdowns come, your biggest breakthroughs, in business as well as in your life. So are you ready to capture the opportunities?

Life and business can be a struggle at times, sometimes when we hit rock bottom, are we able to see the opportunities that everyone else is taking for granted. The one biggest thing we all take for granted is, what we know (our knowledge), and we assume that everyone else knows it too. Not true, people are prepared to pay for your knowledge and expertise if you package it in the right way and pitch it to the right audience, people do it every day. If they can do it, why can’t you, is my question to you? I am not selling you anything or even trying to, I am trying to get you to start marketing and selling your knowledge and experience you have gained already.

We have all seen the case where you see someone at an event and we say I know more than them and could do a much better job than them but never do anything about it. Other people with much less experience than you are stealing your money because you are not prepared to do a better job of it than them.

Think about what I have just said above and see if the penny drops?.

Moe Nawaz

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