Building Deeper Relationships With Clients

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Building deeper relationships with clientsSocial media is a very powerful but unfortunately most people don’t understand the real power or fully understand relationship building. People are very shallow, by that I mean every Tom, Dick and Abdul is trying to build likes, fans, friends and followers which is what I call building width. But they forget relationships require depth also.

Building a list of fans, followers and likes are all very well if you are prepared to create enough value each day from the content you are sharing with your audience and the depth of relationship will only come from creating value and engaging with your audience.

You can’t just share stuff that you have seen on someone else’s site or post if it is not relevant to the target audience, yes it might be relevant to you for you but you are not your customer. So start thinking about the value you create each day and what that means for your audience. The real test is how much engagements you get for each post or content.

If I can’t help you then I am not doing my job, which means I am letting you down and you will go somewhere else to get your daily fix of content.

Enjoy the rest of the day and think about what I have just said.

Moe Nawaz: Mentor & strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders


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