What Is Your Biggest Challenge For This Year?

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What is your biggest business challengeIf you could get the right type of support and the right people around you to help you what would it be that you would be looking to achieve over the next three years.

I am willing to bet you that most people will not respond because I have said THREE YEARS and the main reason most people are not prepared to accept the fact it will take you at least three years of focused dedication to even start getting traction at a level that you can start to see a sustainable businesses.

Second thing most people are likely to say well Moe I have been running my business for xyz number of years and it is still not sustainable and it is more like feast and famine depending on each month.

Nothing comes of Nothing, like I said it will take you at least THREE Years of dedicated focus subject to you having a good business plan along with a strong workable strategy that has been applied by others that you can model and learn from.

Moe Nawaz


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