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Do you ever question yourself?

Do you ever question yourself? Most business owners are just happy with the sales they are getting but wonder why they are never increasing their sales year in year out. This all boils down to what it is you are doing for your customers and how well you are doing it compared to your competitors, then the real fact which plays a great part regardless of how good you are compared to the competition is, who knows about it? In other words how heavily are you promoting, marketing and positioning your name/brand to your target audience?
You might be the best thing since sliced bread but if no one knows then you may as well not be doing it at all. How much value do you provide to your prospects that are if you know who your target audiences are in the first place? Most small business owners struggle to really understand their target audience and who their ideal customer is. To me, an ideal customer is someone who is able and will to buy at the price I as the marketplace.
Most business owners end up chasing prospects who are WILLING but UNABLE, in other words, I am trying to sell a Dyson vacuum cleaners to someone living from day to day with finances, yes they are willing to buy my Dyson vacuum cleaner but can’t afford it, hence will but unable to buy. This is something too many business owners spend time with the wrong prospects and the conversion rate is very low. Go find a better target audience where they are able and willing.
The opposite to that is where your target audience is ABLE but UNWILLING, most business owners normally take that as a NO. In reality, that means a number of things and NO is at the bottom of the list, when they say No they really mean, we don’t know an enough about you, your product, your service and so on. So what are you doing to educate your target audience daily so when you approach them they are ABLE and WILLING to buy your products or services at the price you are asking. www.Mentor.Biz
Moe Nawaz: Mentor & strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders
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