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Are you asking or begging?A few years ago I sat with a homeless man in Mayfair who was sat outside Green Park tube station begging for food. Some people were dropping their loose change of pennies. I went and got a couple of sandwiches and two cans of Cocke and sat down with this man as we shared the food, I asked him has he ever tried asking for £20 to get a hot meal or a warm bed for the night? No way, no one is going to give me twenty quid he said. I asked him how much he collects each day, he said anything from £10 to £50 on a good day begging for 12 hours.

I made a bet with him that if he sat for two hours asking people for £20 towards a hot meal and a warm bed for the night, if he did not get £50 within two hours I would give him £50 myself. If took some convincing but he eventually plucked up enough courage to start asking for £10 and as he seen the results he soon started asking for £20 and within 90 minutes he had over £80 and he was on his way to do whatever was does with the money.

The strange thing is, I never seen him again after that day.
The point I am trying to make is if you don’t ask you don’t get. Most people are happy to ask for pennies on a pound instead of asking for real money which could be the difference between surviving in business or thriving.

What are you asking for pennies or pounds?

Moe Nawaz


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